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Mr. Cartoon
Mr. Cartoon and El LoKo on Garey Street .Los Angeles public art

Cowboy and Devil drinking bourbon and rolling dice 2002 by Coax
Cowboy and Devil in Los Angeles

A Buddha is sitting on the streets of the L.A. Arts District by Slick
Buddha by Slick

GAS by graffiti artist Gas at 2nd Street L.A. Arts District
GAS by Gas graffiti

In the kingdom of the blind, the man with one eye is king spray paint art 2002 by UTI at a L.A. Arts District parking structure
Los Angeles ...the kingdom of the Blind

A Ghost at 290 Garey Street in the L.A. Arts District

Alien by aerosol artist Kytes .Others are crushed...
Alien by Kytes :: Los Angeles Graffiti


Painting the walls 2004 at the Arts District
Same, same but different graffiti in 2004 ↑ and 2005 at the same wall of the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles
Graffiti wall 2005 in the Arts District

Arts District' Graff
Men at work doing spray paint artworks at the L.A. Arts District
Spray Paint Artist

Graffiti and Spray Paint Art by Saber at the 2nd Street warehouse
Warehouse Graffiti

Graffiti 2009 by RELIC at Garvey + 2nd Street in the Arts District
RELIC at Arts District Los Angeles

Please click on the photo to get a biggger image of these graffiti images:

Doom Graffiti
Doom by Revok, Saber, Totem, Just195 and Sever

SprayPaint Art in Downtown Los Angeles
Spraypaint Art at 704 East 1st Street by Dash2000 + 12 + NUKE .Asylm .Augustine Kofie .keepdrafting.com

Arts District Graffiti
Graffiti and Spray Paint Art 2004 by the AWR Group at Garey Street L.A. Arts District big wall

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The Los Angeles Arts District east of downtown is a great place to go, if you like contemporary art outside of a museum. Check out Steve Grody's book Graffiti L.A. Street Styles and Art in your nearest neighborhood bookstore, for more information.