Stavanger and the Fjords of Norway


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A Fjord at the Norwegian Coast
Snow covered mountains and Fjord along the Norwegian coast.

City of Stavanger
Above Stavanger the center of Norway's Oil and Gas industry.

The 'Sverd i fjell' Sword in Rock
The Swords in Rock memorial of the Hafrsfjord battle of 872 when King Harald Fairhair unified Norway into one kingdom.

City Star Airline
City Star airlines' Dornier 328 airplane at Kristiansund Lufthavn.

Helikopter-Terminal at Kristiansund Airport
Helikopterterminal and heavy machinery at the KSU Airport Kristiansund .Sikorsky Super Puma Mk2 helicopter is waiting.
Kristiansund Airport helicopter terminal


Heidrun Offshore oil well Norway
The wellhead inside the semi-submersible Heidrun platform.

Offshore oil well in Norway
Steel tube going to the oil well on the ground of the North-Sea.

Sports inside the Heidrun Platform
Training facilities for workers inside the concrete beams.

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Offshore Lifeboat
Freefall lifeboat outside on the egde of the Heidrun platform.