Aberdeen's historic Scotland North-Sea Port


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Industrial area in Aberdeen's Harbour
Support vessels and freight ships are equiped and maintained in the industrial area of Aberdeen's Harbour.

The new Marine Operations Centre was built in 2006
by Parr Architects on the north pier. It controls all
vessel movements into and out of the harbour.
Marine Operations Center / Aberdeen Harbour


Aberdeen's Harbour
Aberdeen's Harbour was est. in 1136 and is the oldest business in the United Kingdom.

Navigation Control Centre / Aberdeen Harbour
Abercromby Jetty the octagonal port entrance control tower managed the harbour traffic since 1797.

Vessels in Aberdeen's Harbour
Storage vessels for chemicals and various liquids.

Maritime Museum
Maritime Museum 1996 by architect Trevor Smith.

Salvesen Tower
Salvesen Office Tower along Blaikies Quay
a twelve storey harbout high-rise building
1975 by architects Mackie Ramsay Taylor.

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Aberdeen Harbour
View from Castlegate Hill onto the cranes, warehouses, ships, docks and maintenance workshops of Aberdeen.