Historic granite Fittie buildings in Aberdeen


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Fittie School Aberdeen
Fittie School build 1881 as gothic style granite building, since 1998 home to the Gordon Campbell construction company.

Harbour Village .Aberdeen
Footdee Village was the first planned housing development in Scotland, laid out by John Smith 1809 to rehouse Aberdeen's local fishing community after a harbour expansion.

A chain reaction in Footdee Village ?
The heavy chains supply store in Footdee Village?

Neptune Bar / Aberdeen Harbour
The Neptune Bar and lounge at York Place serves Tennent's lager ale, and Mc Ewans's scottish beer to all the workers.

Concrete shelter
One of the concrete shelters along the beach. If you're lucky you can see the dolphins or grey seals of Scotland's North Sea!

Church St. Machar in Aberdeen
The historic church St. Machar above the River Don was the cathedral of old Aberdeen and dates back to 1422. After William Wallace was executed, a quarter of his body was burried here.

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Amusement Park Aberdeen
Towards Seaton: Codona's outdoor amusement park, with rides, ten pin bowling and indoor golf at the Beach Boulevard.