North Sea Scotland Oil and Gas Industry


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Offshore Platform
An offshore platform fixed on steel legs anchored directly onto the seabed to house workers and machinery to process the raw oil and gas before it's piped to the shore for further refinement.

Heliport ABZ Airport Aberdeen
Offshore trips to oil-rigs on the North Sea start at the heliports of Bond or Barstow, located along the Aberdeen airport tarmac.

With lifejacket inside the Helicopter
Inside the helicopter with lifejacket and hearing protection.

Shell's F23 Complex offshore Malaysia
A helicopter flight takes around two hours in the North Sea basin to arrive at the oil fields which are located on volcanic faults in the middle between Denmark, Norway and Scotland / England.

Inside Heli-Lounge with Survival Suit
The stormy and cold North Sea requires a waterproof survival suit, made from neoprene fabric, and many layers of clothing to survive a casualty, like crash landing on water. A few years ago BP introduced location beacons, to be worn on the wrist like a watch.

Always with boilersuit, here offshore in Malaysia.

Heliport ABZ Airport Aberdeen
During a mask-fit test for the medic on arrival.

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Offshore Fishing
Offshore fishing only on a platform in the Persian Gulf.