Modern Architecture of Scotland


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Aberdeen City Council
Now due for demolition, the St. Nicholas House modern architecture built in 1966 for the Aberdeen City Council of North-East Scotland.

Aberdeen's Virginia Court
Virginia Court was constructed in 1966 on Castlehill as balcony access block for public housing in downtown Aberdeen and was designed by the staff of City Architect George McKeith after architect Le Corbusier's 1956 Unite Habitation building in Berlin.
Marischal Court on Castlehill
The nineteen storeys high-rise Marischal Court on Castlehill built from in-situ reinforced concrete with cast in granite rubble.


Porthill Court Aberdeen
Seamount and Porthill Courts were built in 1964
as part of the Gallowgate redevelopment.
Seamount Court Aberdeen


Greig and Hutcheon Courts Aberdeen
Greig Court (left) and Hutcheon Court ↑ are two slab concrete blocks built in 1973 as public housing for the Borough Council.
Local Government building in Aberdeen
Local Government building 1975 City architect Ian Ferguson.

Telephone box
The red K6 telephone box was a common sight
on the streets of Great Britain and was designed
as kiosk number six in 1935 to commemorate
the silver jubilee of King George.
New Telecom House in Aberdeen
New Telecom a.k.a. St. Machar House was completed 1977 by architects Mackie Ramsay Taylor on Aberdeen's College Street.

Parking structure in Dyce
Only the parking structure survived the demolotion of the 1971 BP Petroleum Development Ltd. offices near the airport in Dyce constructed by architect James R. Sommerville Turner.

North-Sea Headquarters in Aberdeen
The new Beyond Petroleum North-Sea operations headquarters Aberdeen 2005 by Andrew Lett Architects.

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Non-granite building in Aberdeen
A non-granite scotish-modern type of studio, the 1997 Rosemount Centre, Aberdeen's holistic health clinic.