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Metro Viaduct
The elevated viaduct along Sheikh Zayed Road under construction in 2007. Launching girders were used for the assembly of the precast concrete sections.

Dubai's Metro Station
Overground stations are designed in an elegant clam-shell shape 2005 by AEDAS architects. Pedestrian footbridges across the roads allow access from both sides.
Dubai's Metro Station
The driverless operated trains are manufactured by Mitsubishi and use third rail current collection powered with 750 Volt.

Metro construction on Sheikh Zayed Road

Al Ras Metro Station
The wind tower entrance of the underground Al Ras Station is designed to fit into the historical fabric of old Dubai.
Al Ras Metro Station
Earth tones relate to the traditional mud brick buildings.

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Dubai Metro
The 52km Red Line of Dubai's Metro opened in 2009-09-02 as the world's longest automated and driverless city rail system. Finally some rest for the cars...