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Dubai Buildings
Like many other modern cities around the Persian Gulf, Dubai started into the 21st century as sleepy pearl fishing village.
Village of Dubai
In 1904 Maktoum bin Hashar, the ruler of Dubai declared the Dubai port to be tax-free. Under British protection the creek became an important trading hub on the way to India.

Trading at the Creek
In the Sixties black gold was discovered at onshore and offshore crude oil and gas fields and brought a lot of money into the city.
Oil in Dubai
Since then Dubai, through foreign investment e.g. in the beach hotel and tourism industry, experienced exponential growth.
Ongoing crisis and war in the Middle-East made the Emirates the number one save haven around the Gulf. Dubai's open culture and arabian society attracted many regional investors to open a branch business, buy family apartments or real-estate.

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Expats of Dubai
Working myself on construction sites we often talked about the big gap between expats, the foreign underclass and locals.
One thing i've learned, before flying home into my middle-class paradise, i will always prefer the company of this workers...