Fresh cut Meat

Butcher in Dubai
Butcher at Othman Amer Butchery prepares standard cuts of sheep and goat providing haram meat to muslims.
Othman Amer Butchery
In the United Arab Emirates a slaughterhouse is
slaughtering up to 25,000 livestock a year, then
supply the animal's carcasses to butcher shops.

Butcher Shop in Sharjah
Lamb, mutton, beef and poultry at the Al Siddique Meat Sale in Sharjah. The line of work is to dress the flesh, boning and trimming the cuts in preparation for sale.

Gas Burner
Later the meat will be cooked for hours on this gas burners.

Fresh baked Bread

Traditional round fladbread khubz or pita is made from slightly leavened wheat floor dough and baked at 230 °C temperature.
Fresh bread
A team of two men work late night shift at the masonry oven of the Mohammad Matar Bakery in Dubai' Souk Al Kabeer.
Bakery in Dubai
Emiratis love to eat the crispy Regag bread, Egyptian Feteer made of white floor, water and butter, Ethiopian Injera baked from a grain called teff or Sangak an leavened Iranian whole wheat flatbread topped with poppy or sesame seeds.

Dried Fruit and Spices

Pistachio, raisin and saffron exported from Iran. Date, almond, chickpea and other crunchy nuts at Wadi Zabeel Trading.
Dried Fruit
Garam masala from India is made from bay leaf, caraway, cardamon, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and peppercorns.
Garam masala


Commercial fisheries still use their wooden dhows and fish with baited basket traps or fishing nets.
Fresh Fish

The local market offers Amoor, Ayer Fish, Batki, Belt, Fresh Fish Head, Gulfam, Hilsa, King Fish, Loyabi, Makroni, Mandal, Milk Fish, Moon Bhali, Mulln, Paplate, Pomfort Black, Rao, Salmoon, Sardine, Shark, Shrimp, Sooli, Squid, Tilapia, Tuna, Wasa.
Fish in Dubai
Recreational fishermen enjoy fresh fish, not defrosted !
Fresh Fish


Very friendly lady serving fresh brewed coffee and a sandwich with the most beautyful smile at Cafe Arabicca.