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Desert Hot Springs Motel
Yard of a hotel room of the Desert Hot Spring Motel with red steel beams 1947 by Googie style architect John Lautner.

Bank building on Palm Canyon Drive
The City National Bank at 588 S. Palm Canyon Drive 1957 by architect Stuart Williams. The columns and the refelecting pool reminds at Oscar Niemeyer's Alvorada Palace in Brasilia.

City Hall on Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs' modern City Hall building at 3200 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way with cut-out roof and palm trees under blue sky.
Palm Springs City Hall

The Coachella Valley Savings and Loan bank
1956 designed by architects Williams + Williams.
Coachella Valley S & L at 383 S. Palm Canyon Drive :: Palm Springs

Robinsons' at 333 S. Palm Canyon Drive
J.W. Robinson's Department Store in California's desert constructed in 1958 by architects Pereira + Luckman.

Church in Palm Springs
St. Theresa parish church 1966 by architect William F. Cody
Dedicated 1968 on Thanksgiving day by Bishop Francis Furey.

Welwood Murray Memorial Library
Palm Springs' Public Library 1939 by John Porter Clark built as a memorial to pioneer hotel operator Welwood Murray.

Gas Station at Estrella Avenue :: Desert Hot Springs
Abandoned Gas Station with effortlessly hovering roof at 12635 Palm Drive + Estrella, Desert Hot Springs, California.

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Shield's Date Garden
Wonderful Shield's Date Garden was established in 1924 in Indio. Since then farmers of the Imperial Valley grow dates and offer sugar crystals, date shakes and dried fruits.