Mount Tochal and the Alborz Mountains


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Telecabins to Mount Tochal Recreation Complex :: Tehran
Telecabin station at Mount Tochal recreation area in Tehran. Line 1 is starting at an altitude of 1915 meter at the Velenjak valley leading up to 2480 meters above sea level. Line 2 is going from 2480 to 2910 meter, Line 3 lifts you up to 3680 meter where you can hike to the summit at 3964 meter.
Telecabin ground station at Mount Tochal
Tochal telcabin constructed between 1974 and 1976 by a French/ Austrian joint venture to make this area more accesible

Wooden hut at Mount Tochal
A wooden hut where you can buy refreshments

Ski resort in the mountains of Tehran

Telecabin station 2 at 2480 meter :: Mount Tochal
Telecabin entering the station at 2480 meter

Shepherd with little baby goat
Shepherd with little baby goat smoking a cigarette

Goat at Mount Tochal :: Tehran
Sleeping dog
Never wake a sleeping dog!


Mount Tochal