Tehran Art Museum at Sad-Abad Park


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Shah Pahlavi's white Palace :: Tehran
Tehran's Mellat Museum was built 1931 by Engineer Khorsandi as White Palace for Reza Shah Pahlavi.

Mellat Museum :: Tehran
Dining hall with chandeliers & extra large Amu-Oghli carpet from Mashad with a knot density of 140 raj.

Mellat Museum in Tehran's Sad-Abad Park

Green Palace
Shahvand Palace a.k.a. Green Palace was build 1928 by architect Mirza Ja'far Me'marbashi on Ali-Khan hill.

Shahvand Palace:: Tehran
Walls and ceilings of the Shahvand Palace sleeping room covered with mirror-work and stucco carvings.

Green room inside Shahvand Palace
Green room in a green palace decorated with silk and taffetas fabrics made in France and England.

Military Museum :: Tehran
Military Museum with camouflage helicopter and old cannon at the 110-hectare Sa'dabad Park in Tehran.

Military Museum :: Tehran
Some of Iran's hidden weapons of mass destruction.

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Water reservoir in Tehran's Sa'dabad Park
Water reservoir and dam models in Saadabad Park.