Kashan Mountain's Rosewater Village


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The Mohammadi Rose
In this village in the mountains southwest of Kashan grows the best quality of Mohammadi rose flowers which are used to distil rose water at spring season
Rosewater distillery in Qamsar
After picking rose petals in the wonderful gardens of Qamsar during the morning hours, they are heated in steam boilers. Then the steam is cooled down and changes into an aromatic liquid called Golab.
Rose water is heavily used in various Iranian sweets
Golab Distillery and Shop
Rosewater and more waters for sale inside the shop

Persian Calligraphy
Persian calligraphy welcomes to Rosewater festival

Relaxing on a carpet
Relaxing in the gardens with a cold rosewater drink

Historic Buildings in Iran

Mudbrick house in Qamsar
An old mudbrick house in a forgotten rose garden

The door handle is swinging in the wind since ages

Mud-Brick house in Qamsar
Mud bricks made of a mixture of clay, sand, straw and water. They are not fired, but sun-dried month

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Mountain range above Qamsar