Miri Stadium / Malaysia
Miri Stadium looks like an early pre-fab work of Santiago Calatrava

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Miri Library / Malaysia
The public library Pustaka Miri is located near the City Fan Park
and opened 2002. Books in this research and reference center
made of sandstone are in Bahasa, Chinese and English language.

Miri City Fan Park
Two lovely seahorses in a pond at Miri's City Fan Park
to commemorate 20th May 2005, the day Seri Paduka
Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong XII the King of Malaysia
elevated the municipality to city status.
The seahorse is a symbol of harmony and peacefulness


Civic Centre of Miri City
The modern Civic Centre Dewan Suarah Miri was opened 1988 by
YAB Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak

Miri's Petroleum Museum / Malaysia
The Petroleum Museum is situated on Canada Hill at the site of Malaysia's first oil well
Between 1910 and 1972 the Grand Old Lady produced 685650 barrels of oil and started
the city's rapid development from a quiet fishing village to Sarawak's oil and gas center

Downtown's porthole buildings
Downtown has some blocks of Porthole Buildings
made of pre-fabricated concrete slabs, resembling
the classic Asian shophouse architecture of the region
Porthole building in downtown Miri / Malaysia

Shophouse in downtown Miri / Sarawak

Yu-Lan-Plaza of Miri
The modern all-glass Yu Lan Plaza skyscraper
Yu-Lan-Plaza of Miri

Wisma Pelita Tunku
Wisma Pelita Tunku shopping complex opened in 1986

Miri's 1913 Chinese Temple
The Chinese Tua Pek Kong temple was build
besides Miri River - probably after a Buddhist monk
performed a spirit pacifying ritual, which ended an
mysterious epedemic in the booming oil town Miri.


Miri's Fish Market