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Water well in the Bagh-e Fin Garden of Kashan
Bagh-e Fin gardens were built under the reign of Safavid king Abbas I. of Persia (1571-1629). The main yard is surrounded by ramparts and covers an area of 2.3 hectare. The wishing well and the water features are fed by a natural spring.
Ornamental roof in the Fin gardens tower of Kashan
Kashan's historic royal garden Bagh-e Tarikhi-e Fin resembles a Persian vision of Paradise. A must see tourist attraction with tea house. Hunting scenes above the well towers of the Bagh-e Fin Gardens
Ornament roof in the Bagh-e Fin Gardens


Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse :: Kashan
The Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse in Kashan is one of the most beautiful public Hammam-e in Iran
Bath in Kashan
The Hammam consists of two parts, the dressing hall Sarbineh with an octagonal pool and the hot bathing hall Garmkhaneh. Constructed in the 16th century
Ornamental brickwork at the bathroom roof
Artistic brickwork under the roof of the Hammam


Kashan's historic Borujerdi Townhouse
The historic 1857 Borujerdi townhouse is a famous example traditional Persian residential architecture. Built by architect Ustad Ali Maryam for merchant Haji Seyyed Hassan Natanzi. It took almost twenty years and tens of workers to complete.
Historic Khaneh Boruojerdiha House
A big pond inside the courtyard and the wind
towers are part of the house' cooling system.
Hall (Talar) inside the townhouse
It's hard work to prevent historic structures from detoriation, but the exceptional artwork and historic ornament of this building is worth all the effort.
Excemplary ornament

Historic Buildings in Iran

Reflecting pool in the courtyard
The historic Borujerdi House is a great sample of a traditional Persian family home. The reflecting pool in the courtyard and the wind tower are part of the cooling system in Kashan's desert climate.
Metal door knocker
The female version of an metal door-knocker


The Sultan's Amir Ahmad Bathroom :: Kashan
Stuccowork covering every wall in the bathhouse

Ornaments  at the roof of a hall
The roofs inside the Borujerdi House bear some
wonderful crafted stucco ornaments and paintings.

Arcs in the courtyard
Persian architects used these structures to naturally decrease temperatures, regulate sunlight and ventilate the building during daytime.

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Ornamental stucco inside the Borujerdi House
Every wall covered with the finest stucco ornament.