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Karan Gas Field
Nearing the Karan offshore gas field in the Persian Gulf, it is owned and operated by the state-owned oil and gas company Saudi Aramco.

The Supply boat Zakher Crown is getting closer.
Supply boat 'Zakher Crown'
The Karan well was discovered in April 2006 and production of gas started in July 2011. The deposit is situated 160 km north of Dammam, where at well Nº7 on March 3rd 1938 oil in commercial quantities for the first time in Saudi Arabia was produced.
Lifting to the Whale Shark
Air lif from the vessel to the barge Whale Shark

The Whale Shark
The Whale Shark barge provides accommodation, office space and a canteen with authentic Nepalese cuisine on just three legs.

Saudi Aramco workforce
The people behind the success of Saudi Aramco.
Saudi Aramco workforce
Due to the high temperatures and humidity our team worked by night very often.
Jack-Up rig GMS Endurance
The jack-up rig GMS Endurance

The Whale Shark
Don't know if this was a real Whale Shark but offshore is a great place to go for some fresh fish...

Karan Offshore Platform
Oil-rigs are connected by bridges above the water. Below the four wellhead complexes are served with with 20-inch offshore pipelines who tie into an 85 km and 38-inch subsea pipeline to the beach.

Khursaniyah Beach Injection Station
Start-up at the Khursaniyah Beach isolation valve and chemical injection station. From here the pipeline continues onshore for about 25 km to the Khursaniyah Gas Plant.
Khursaniyah Beach
Sand and camels or this historic Mercedes-Benz L911 truck of 1966 along the way to the station.
In the background a high-voltage power line.

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Karan Offshore Platform
A Gas Station in the desert with premium gasoline for your automobile. This where all the crude oil goes after refining - this is the end of the story...