Dubai's Skyscraper Skyline
Driving along the Emirates Highway, back in Dubai's desert dunes, the skyscraper skyline along Shaikh Zayed Road looks like a fata morgana during sunset.

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Hotel Burj Al Arab
Hotel Burj Al-Arab 1993 by architect Tom Wright to mimic the sail of a yacht. Luxury on an artificial island. Hotel and Resort Mina A Salam / Harbour of Peace / Dubai
Hotel Mina A Salam at Madinat Jumeirah beach resort

Ski Dubai / Mall of the Emirates
22500 square metres covered with snow at Ski Dubai winter resort - cold fun sport inside Mall of the Emirates.

Al Mamzar Public Beach
The Al Mamzar Beach public park is a hot spot of for sunbathing and a swim in the Gulf on weekends.
Dervish dancer
The whirling Dervish Dance in the evening
performed by a dancer in a colorful costume.
Belly Dance
The Belly Dance is generally performed by female
dancers e.g. at tourist camps after a desert safari.
The old Bastakiya district was named after the
Bastak region in southern Persia where many
traders came from. Attraced by low trade tax they
settled here in the 1890 's to do business with the
tradesmen and dhows from India or East Africa.

Dubai Metro
Green Line of Dubai's Metro opened in 2011-10-02
World's longest automated and driverless city rail system.

Medieval Building
A traditional style residential complex at Festival City
Hillside condo's 2005 by french architect Xavier Bohl

Sheikh Zayed Road
E 11 Highway west of downtown Dubai, named after
H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, architect of the seven United Arab Emirates, ruler of Abu Dhabi and president of the U.A.E. for 33 years (1971-2004).

Belly dancer
Desert Safari tour, before the dance and BBQ.

Historic Al Fahidi Fort in Bur Dubai
The Al Fahidi Fort constructed 1787 from coral stone and gypsum to defend the town against neighbouring tribes also served as the ruler's palace. Now a museum presenting the traditional way of life at Dubai creek.