Richard J. Neutra

early buildings in Germany

1892-04-08 born in Vienna, Austria
1910-1918 studied architecture TU Wien
1921 employed at the building department
Luckenwalde, where he designed the main
entrance building of a burial site →
1922 working for Erich Mendelsohn in Berlin
1923 emigrated to America...
Waldfriedhof Luckenwalde
Luckenwalde Cemetary gate building 1921 by Richard Neutra |  NexT
The first building he designed, working as city architect south of Berlin
Modern architecture once was very colorful. Neutra
designed four houses during an absence of his boss
architect Erich Mendelsohn for a client in Berlin.

Onkel-Tom-Strasse 1923 by Richard Neutra :: Berlin          
The Adolf Sommerfeld Residences 1923 by Richard Neutra
located along Onkel-Tom-Strasse in Berlin-Zehlendorf

Adolf Sommerfeld Residences :: Berlin-Zehlendorf
1927 Lovell Health House
1937 Koblick House
1937 Landfair APartments
1938 Barsha House
1948 BaileY House
1948 Sokol House
1949 Wirin House
1950 Neutra Architects Office
1954 National CharitY LeaGue
1954 EaGle Rock Clubhouse
1955 Perkins House

After leaving Europe and working for Frank Lloyd Wright in Taliesin East,
Richard Neutra arrived in Los Angeles in 1925 to stay at his friend's, and
fellow Austrian, Rudolph Schindler's KinGs Road House and soon
became a very succesful architect at the westcoast.

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