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Modern Architecture and Structures

Lytton Savings at Sunset Boulevard
Lytton Savings & Loan 1959 at 8150 Sunset Boulevard. Swiss-born and ETH-educated architect Kurt Meyer arrived in California 1949 for new architectural horizons.

Lytton Savings :: Pomona
Lytton Savings building 1963 Pomona. Some architects create sculptural monuments, others design to serve the client's needs and function of the structure.

Liberty Building :: Los Angeles
Liberty Building 1965 Pico + Beverly.

Brentwood Savings and Loan :: Los Angeles
Brentwood Savings 1965 by architect Kurt Meyer.

Bank on Wilshire Boulevard
Bank branch office 1965 Wilshire Boulevard.

Lytton Savings :: Canoga Park
This Lytton Savings & Loan structure was selected for the nationwide Prestressed Concrete Institute award. Architect Kurt Meyer's 1965 building in Canoga Park uses prestressed elements who safely span greater distances under heavy load.

Shatto Place :: Los Angeles
425 Shatto Place office building 1969 Los Angeles.

Meyer + Allen Associates buildings

Farmer's and Merchants San Pedro
Farmer's & Merchants Bank 1972 San Pedro.

Century Federal Savings + Loan :: Santa Monica
Century Federal Savings and Loan Association headquarters high-rise office building with multilevel parking structure 1974 at 5th Street in Santa Monica.

Maple Condominium Towers 1975 :: Beverly Hills
The Maple Condominium Towers 1974 Beverly Hills with only four apartments on each floor every home has corner exposure and a balcony or private patio.

Architects Office :: Hollywood
Architect Kurt Meyer's 1977 swiss chalet style Hollywoodland Office with garden and lemon trees.

Exxon Headquarters :: Thousand Oaks
Exxon Headquarters structure 1983 Thousand Oaks.

4221 Wilshire Boulevard :: Los Angeles
Red brick at 4221 Wilshire Boulevard 1984 Los Angeles.

Carwash :: Thousand Oaks
Carwash concrete pre-fab 1987 in Thousand Oaks.

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Architect Kurt Meyer :: Los Angeles
Kurt Meyer with wife Pamela. Since 1992 they explored the Himalayas and the artistic Tharu culture of Nepal where the meaning of art is in its creation and the finished product is obsolete.
In 2005 they published a book with historic photos by John Claude White: In the Shadow of the Himalayas - Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and Sikkim.