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Architect Barbara Bestor
Architect Barbara Bestor

Architect Gustavo Gubel / Los Angeles
Gustavo Gubel

John Parkinson, the architect of Los Angeles
John Parkinson
...the architect of Los Angeles

James R. Meyer / LeanArch Architecture
James R. Meyer

Architect Dion Neutra / Silver Lake
Dion Neutra

Architect Kurt Meyer
Architect Kurt Meyer

Architect Christoph Kapeller / USC Los Angeles
Christoph Kapeller



Richard Neutra in Germany

Roberto Goyenaga Pinzón's
works in Costa Rica


Architects of Los Angeles

101 Notable Architects

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Modern architecture is the style
of the 20th century
and Los Angeles
one of the most
diverse and innovative
Not only simplification
of form
and elimination
of ornament,
but also social matters
of affordable housing
in a growing city
were crucial.

The money and creativity
of Hollywood
and a mild climate
here pushed every style
a little further
than anywhere else.

The houses of the Case Study
program are still a great
example for the use
of lightweight materials
and a new view
on the interaction
between inside and outside.
The classic
Southern California farm home
was, and still is, subject
to countless remodels
by young designers.

Steep hillsides
inspired the architects
to create structures
with spectacular views,
and corrugated steel facades
to make them more fire resistant.

Today abandoned office
buildings and loft warehouses
been converted
to apartments
and studios
not only downtown.
Photovoltaic solar panels
start to show up,
everything goes green
and more energy selfsufficient.