Mersa Matrouh the historic Paraetonium

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Mosque in Marsa Matruh
A mosque and some apartment blocks in Marsa Matruh, a city on the highway between Alexandria and Sallum.

Mediterranean port city

Apartment Block in Mersa Matrouh
Mersa Matruh was the hideout of desert fox Erwin Rommel during World War II (far away from Heidenheim) on his way from Libya to the Nile Delta.

House in Mersa Matrouh
Builder on a worksite in Mersa Matrouh, making phone calls while walking across a massive concrete floor slab.

Tea house in Marsa Matruh
A modern 'Lipton' tea house in Marsa Matruh. On the roof concrete pillars with steel rods for future storeys.

Shops in Marsa Matruh
Stacked cans in front of a dry goods shop. In 2012 bank employees in Gauteng, South Africa broke a previous record with a stacked pyramid of 19019 cans.


Going for a swim
Going for a swim in the Mediterranean sea ? The north coast of Egypt is famous for it's various beaches.