Airfield landing

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The Quicksilver ultralight aircraft outside of it's hangar at Torrance Airport
Quicksilver GT-500 Ultralight aircraft
This unique and fun to fly FAA certified airplane will take off and land in only a few hundred feet. The maximum weight is 1000 pounds, it carries 16 gallons of fuel and has a range of 300 miles. It is equipped with standard flight and engine instruments, including a transponder and a radio.
Quicksilver GT-500 Ultralight aircraft
Flight school instructor Jon Thornburgh is checking the Bombardier engine before take-off from Zamperini Field, named after the Torrance Tornado Louis, who finished eighth' at 5000-meters race of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.


But there's another story about Zamperini who became the biographical war drama movie Unbroken directed by Angelina Jolie: During World War II Lou's B-24 bomber fell into see near Palmyra Island, he survived and was rescued by the Japanese after drifting 47 days in a life raft, off the Marshall Islands.
Zamperini Field / Torrance Airport

View from the cockpit towards Long Beach just after we reached height
Cockpit of the Ultralight aircraft

Panoramic view of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the Pacific coastline
Palos Verdes Peninsula

In the south of Los Angeles above King Harbor Marina at Redondo Beach
King Harbor and Redondo Beach

Panoramic view on the refinery south of El Segundo and LAX International Airport, an air-hub along the Pacific Rim was formerly known as Mines Field. El Segundo and LAX Airport from above
Jon Thornburgh, former Delta Airlines pilot, flew fighter planes in Vietnam, is sitting behind me and doing all the work while i'm doing aerial photography... The flight instructor Jon

Intersection of Imperial Highway and San Diego Freeway in Los Angeles Imperial Highway in Los Angeles


Above San Pedro looking towards Los Angeles Harbor's container terminals
Los Angeles Harbor and San Pedro

Looking down on Lane Victory, a cruise ship and Vincent Thomas Bridge
Vincent Thomas Bridge :: Los Angeles

The giant passenger liner turning with pump-jet in the small harbour basin.
Passenger Liner / Cruise Ship in Los Angeles


Panoramic view on the L.A. River, Long Beach and the Marina Park
Long Beach from above

Since 1967 the luxury liner Queen Mary permanently moored in Long Beach
Queen Mary in Long Beach