Modern Architecture of Los Angeles
Downtown Los Angeles developed from a quiet little village to one of the leading urban
centers of western culture. Hollywood's movie industry was a major influence in the
way we think and feel and want to life, also when it comes to buildings and architecture.

Church Buildings and Sacred Spaces
Jesus was a roaming rabbi and former homebuilder with no intention to build houses
for himself or his followers. Today we find thousands of church buildings, honoring a
man who denied wealth and success, and knew: Love is a gift and not a possession.

Modern Buildings of Asia
Middle-East is the region around the Persian Gulf, between India and Northern Africa, with arid desert climate and vast quantities of crude oil and natural gas. The modern buildings in Asia have the same sun protecting features as in California.
Qatar magic emirate in the Persian Gulf

Modern residential structure in Stuttgart

Futuristic high-rise buildings of Singapore

A historic townhouse in the city of Berlin
Modern Architecture and Historic Buildings in Europe
Focus of this photo archive of modern architecture in good old Europe is on concrete
buildings and sacred spaces, churches or temples. All structures are sorted by year
of construction and will provide a photo, city or location and the name of the architect.