Modern Architecture of Los Angeles
Downtown Los Angeles developed from a quiet little village to an urban center of western culture. Hollywood's movie industry was a major influence in the way we think, feel and want to life - even when it comes to buildings and architecture.

Modern Buildings of Asia
Middle-East is the region around the Persian Gulf, between India and Northern Africa, with an arid desert climate mostly know for vast quantities of crude oil and natural gas. Buildings are designed for sun protection and ventilation since ever.

Modern architecture is the style of the 20th century. Not only simplification of form and elimination of ornament, the use of new technologies and materials like glass and concrete changed the planing and construction of a building, but also social matters of affordable housing in a growing urban and industrial environment.

Church buildings and Sacred Spaces
Jesus was a roaming rabbi and former homebuilder with no intention to built any house for himself or his followers. Today we find thousands of church buildings, honoring a man who denied wealth and knew: Love is a gift and not a given right.


Qatar Architecture
Doha and the magic emirate of Qatar with an urban skyscraper skyline and the wonderful Museum of Islamic Art

The modern architecture and historic buildings in the city of Berlin, an ever-changing european metropolitan area with centuries of diverse history...

Modern residential structure in Stuttgart home to the famous Weissenhof Estate and many underground subway stations

Singapore's futuristic highrise buildings: An experimental playground to western architects developed to a new oasis of green skyscrapers with garden storeys.

Modern Architecture and Historic Buildings in Europe
Focus of this architectural photo archive of Europe is on concrete buildings and sacred spaces. All structures are sorted by year of construction and for each one photos, the city or location, name of the architect and some details are provided.

The wild Neckar river...

Architecture Photo Archive

Architecture Photos of Dubai
City of Dubai and United Arab Emirates: Skyscraper or apartment tower, hotel or office building - every construction site looks bigger than the one before.